Guest columnist Jackie Carpenter: My Son, Acquitted Of Murder At Last! (Part 3)


Jackie Carpenter of Ellaville, Georgia, is the mother of two sons, Jim, 35, a pastor, and Jason, 32. She is the author of “The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle Is Psalm 91” and its sequel: “Georgia Justice (Journey To Faith).” Both books chronicle a 10-month ordeal entailing her son Jason’s murder trial and her gradual rediscovery of her deep faith in God. The two books are being turned into a movie, “A Cry For Justice,” due for release this Fall. The Carpenters also have four grandchildren: Hannah, Anna Grace, Patience and JJ. For more details, please see

Dear Jason,

After four days in Cell Block A, a preliminary hearing was held. You looked like my old Jason sitting at the front table beside your attorney in the courtroom. You had on your regular clothes rather than the prison uniform. When you saw us come into the courtroom, you turned around and smiled at us. 

The lead investigator was on the witness stand reading the deputy’s report. “I never told him to hide in those woods and guard his house,” the report said. “He was in a rage and just wanted to kill someone.” I knew the deputy was lying, but had no idea why.

The judge ruled that the charge of felony murder would stand. You would not be going home with us that day. I walked out of the courtroom in a trance. Stephanie fainted in the hall and I just stepped over her and kept walking. I could have walked into a brick wall without ever seeing it.                                                                          

Friday was the Fourth of July and Larry went ahead and had the family down for the annual BBQ.  After everyone went home, your brother Jim called me. He said he knew the police had confiscated your cell phone, but he called it and left you a message anyway. “I told Jason that today we had all of his favorite dishes, but because I knew what he was eating in jail I was unable to eat a single bite.” Then, Jim said, he went and cried. And so did I.

You spent 9 days in Cell Block A before we could get you released on bond. Praise God you were now home with Stephanie and little J.J. But for how long?

P.S. – Please see part 4 tomorrow.


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