My Blog Turns Two (And Stays Open For Business)



   So why have I finally decided, after months of anxious indecision, to keep (LTMK) going?

   Well, I weighed all the pros and cons. And the pros easily outweighed the cons.

   Here’s essentially why the show will go on: It’s because of you.

   More particularly, it’s because LTMK gives me a rare and special opportunity to showcase guest columnists, mostly Moms and Dads, all of whom have something of value to say.

   It’s because of Mindy Gikas and David Rosen. They contributed columns making parental New Year’s resolutions as parents (below), then went on the “CBS Early Show,” four lovely kids in tow, to read the letters aloud on-camera.

   It’s because of Faith Tissot. She emailed me out of the blue after seeing me on CBS. She told me that, as an adopted child who once lost a baby in utero and later sought her birth parents, she went on to have two kids and write letters to both every month since the days they were born.

   It’s because of Seth Levin. He wrote a letter to his two-year-old daughter, Elliana, about how she is inspiring him to overcome his struggle with depression.    

   It’s also because of 41 other LTMK guest columnists, parents of all ages from around the country, who have chimed in over the last two years. It’s because this blog, in giving voice to others, serves as a megaphone to amplify my own.

   It’s because of the rest of you, too – all the LTMK cheerleaders out there – that I’ve decided to keep going. I love what you’re doing, you say. Your mission is so important, you insist. You can count on my support, you promise.

   Many such voices do a chorus make. And so in the last year I came to sense that this blog has started to create something of a community. And that we may all be playing a small role in bringing parents and children together, one letter at a time.

   Finally, it’s because of how Jeff Zaslow, whom I presumed to call my friend, once characterized my blog. A father of three daughters, a best-selling author and an LTMK advisory board member, Jeff died in a car accident in February (only a few weeks earlier, he had agreed to do a Father’s Day guest column for me). He called my blog “a high calling.”

   And that, in a nutshell, is why I have to keep going, at least for now. It dawned on me, thanks to Jeff and others, that wherever it is that I need to go with this blog, I may actually already be getting there, however slowly. With any luck, you’ll be coming along for the ride. 

   Tomorrow I’ll give you a peek at the outlook for Year Three.

P.S. – Mindy Gikas:


P.S.S. – David Rosen:


P.S.S.S. – Faith Tissot:


P.S.S.S.S. – Seth Levin:


P.S.S.S.S.S. – Jeff Zaslow:

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