Say Hello To My 2012 Father’s Day Guest Columnists

Five fathers of all ages from around the U.S. will perform a special act in honor of Father’s Day this year. Starting this Monday and extending over the next two weeks, each father will go public with a letter he wrote to his children. They’ll do that in my second annual Father’s Day special here at (LTMK).

The lineup:

Christopher Speed, a dietician and public relations specialist in Brooklyn, will tell what his father taught him about kindness that he has passed along to his son Declan.
· Scott Nathanson, a former lobbyist in Washington D.C., will tell his sons Gunnar and Gus why he believes so strongly in the value of play.

Halfdan W. Freihow of Norway, author of the soon-to-be-released book, “Somewhere Over The Sea: A Father’s Letters To His Autistic Son,” will share a letter to his autistic son, Gabriel.
Joe Scalia, a former teacher in Long Island, New York, will post a recent letter intended to reconnect him with his estranged adult son, Jesse.
Bud Hanley, a financial advisor in South Carolina, will deliver a five-part series and reveal his letters to his son Matthew, who died shortly after his premature birth almost 10 years ago, and the charity established in his honor.
As it happens, other fathers increasingly appear to be doing likewise – putting personal family history in writing as a legacy to future generations – whether in letters, journals, “Daddy” blogs or memoirs. More than ever, Dads are evidently doing what Dads are seldom known for doing in public, much less in private – opening up and expressing themselves, writing down what they might never say aloud..

Richard Haddad, a former and future LTMK guest columnist, has long written letters to his children, Ashleigh and Jonathan. Frank Cavallaro, likewise an LTMK contributor, has done the same with his three daughters, Laura, Jennifer and Kim. So have others.

Of course, fathers writing letters to their children is hardly new. The practice dates back at least as far as ancient Rome, when the philosopher and statesman Cicero wrote letters to his son Marcus. More recently, President Barack Obama went public with a letter to his daughters Sasha and Malia.

Please share the upcoming guest columns with the world at large to help spread the word. After all, fathers (and mothers) who commit to the simple practice of writing down personal family history create a legacy that lasts forever. Thank you.

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