Mother’s Day Guest Columnist Annie Powell: Two For One, A Bargain At Any Price

Annie Powell lives in Sterling, Virginia with her husband Kevin, her daughter Emily, four, and Cameron and Jacob, 1 ½-year-old fraternal twin boys. She works full-time for an education technology company and struggles balancing work and home and really hopes to figure it out one day. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the park with her kids and deepening her knowledge about and passion for photography.

Dear Emily, Cameron and Jacob,

Life hasn’t worked out the way we had expected. But it has worked out exactly the way it should have. I mean, come on. Your Dad and I met at a bar on New Years Eve!

After our wedding ceremony at the church, the skies opened and buckets of rain fell. Our family and friends joked this might be a sign that your Daddy and I were going to have “many” kids. We only planned on two. (I should have thought of the quote “When you make plans, God laughs. He must have laughed at us then.)

Alas, we headed to our reception with our guests and danced until our feet hurt.

The week of our first anniversary, we found out we were having you, sweet Emily. In our new home in Northern Virginia, we doted on you, the beautiful little daughter God had given us to take care of here on Earth. You smiled early, went to sleep early, crawled early and walked early. We loved you so much.

Just after your second birthday, Emily, we found out we were expecting twins. As we explained to you, “Two babies will be growing in Mommy’s tummy at the same time.”

“Just like Dora got a baby brother and a baby sister at the same time?” you asked, referring to the “Dora and the Explorer” Episode when her mommy had boy/girl twins.

“Yes, baby girl, just like that.”

I had to go on bed rest for the last two months of the pregnancy, and you really became a Daddy’s girl then. You two did everything together, taking trips to the park and going to the pool.

When Cameron and Jacob finally arrived, each at 4 lbs 7 oz, you were too young to go to the hospital to visit. You had to wait a full week until you could really examine these little people who would be living with you. We captured your first moments together on video. Emily, you went up to each brother and looked at his face and rubbed his cheek so gently.

Now, Emily, you are 4 ½ and your brothers, Cameron “The Mayor” and Jacob “The Little Professor,” are 1 ½. You three play like you’ve figured it all out — figured out who can play a little more tough, who hides in the best places and who to give the food on your plate to when you don’t want to eat it.

Yep, different from what we expected, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world. If our prayers are answered, you three will eventually grow up to protect each other and, luckiest of all, be best friends.

P.S. – Please see guest column from Sandy Chang tomorrow.


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