Take The Pledge: Write Letters To Your Kids

Dear Reader,

I hereby officially invite you to take the pledge to write letters to your kids.

Why should I, you might well ask yourself.

Well, for starters, taking the pledge to write letters to your kids is now free.
True, it was free before. But now it’s even freer.
In fact, it’s twice as free.
That’s a 50% savings!
Here’s the catch, though. It’s a one-time offer only.
Or at least it will be until the second time it’s offered.
Consider this now my second offer.
But here’s the clincher: if you’re under 100 years old, you get 15% off.
And if you’re older than 100 years of age, you get 20% off.
Need more reasons? How about these?
If you take the pledge, you’ll never get fat.
You’ll never get old.
You’ll earn a million dollars a day working from home in your spare time.
Can any other pledge you know make such claims?
The answer to that question starts with an “n” and ends with an “o.”

But just in case you need more incentives, here you go:
1. It will make you feel good.

2. It will make your kids feel good.

3. It will make the world a better place.

4. It will make the world a better place (I said that already, but it’s worth repeating).

5. You’ll learn about yourself and your life.

6. You’ll realize just how very much you love your kids.

So act now. Or an hour from now. Or whenever convenient. Happiness guaranteed or your money back, no questions asked.

P.S. – You can take the pledge here: http://letterstomykids.org/pages/take-the-pledge

P.S.S. – Our regularly programming resumes tomorrow with a two-part series called “Too Cool For School.”

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