New Year’s Eve Guest Columnist Mindy Gikas: Finding The Faith To Be Faithful, The Patience To Be Patient


Mindy Gikas and her husband, Reverend Basil Gikas, are the proud parents of Justin, 12, and Lillianna, 10. They currently live in Yardville, NJ. Mindy is an SVP of Human Resources for a firm in NewYork City and Father Bill is a Greek Orthodox Priest. They will be moving to northern New Jersey in the New Year as Father Bill is assigned to a new parish community.

Dear Justin and Lilli,

We often start the New Year with resolutions, and while they are well intentioned, they are forgotten quickly as the holidays end and we resort to the reality of our crazy hectic lives. A friend of mine has given me a gift; he’s suggested I write this letter to you. Perhaps in writing this for others to read, it will give our 2012 resolutions a greater chance for success. Let’s see!

Justin, I resolve to have greater faith in you so that you will gain your focus and motivation to achieve the academic success that we all know you have within you. I know you don’t enjoy your father and me constantly staying on top of you regarding your homework and studying; in 2012 we will trust in you to get it done without a million reminders. I also resolve to be less worried and perhaps more willing to permit you to try some of those activities that I fear, like riding dirt bikes, riding over ramps on your bicycle and using circular saws. I will remind you, though; I’m your mother and as such, will never readily allow you to participate in anything I think is possibly dangerous.

Lillianna, I resolve to continue to listen to all that you want to tell me, and to be more patient with you, especially later in the evening, when I am tired and you still want to read with me, tell me stories about your day or just want me to spend time with you. I will even resolve to try to get home earlier each night so perhaps I won’t be quite so tired. I also resolve to let you have the freedom to decorate your new room with as many neon colors and zebra prints as you like. And to continue be your best friend always and help you (as you want me to) in finding new best friends.

Finally, we already know that 2012 will be a year of tremendous change, challenge and opportunity as we get acclimated to a new parish, leave our current home and find a new home and start our life in a new location.

My final resolution to both of you is that I will help us all to maintain our faith in God and our sense of humor as we embark on our new adventure. I love you both more than anything! Happy 2012!

P.S. – Tomorrow please see New Year’s Eve guest column from David Rosen.

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