New Survey: Which Resolutions Parents Made for 2012, And Why

Dear Reader,

More parents will make New Year’s resolutions, as parents, for 2012 (45.2%) than did so for 2011 (35.5%).

Indeed, 64.5% of parents made no resolutions at all last year, whereas only 29% plan no resolutions this year and 25.8% said they might.

So reveals my informal year-end survey about parental attitudes toward New Year’s resolutions.

Among other key findings:

·         The number-one resolution among parents for next year is a tie between “Do more activities with my children” and “Demonstrate more love and kindness toward my children” (each with 29.2%), followed by “Spend more time with my children” (25.0%) and “Make sure my children are properly educated” (8.3%).

·         The top reason parents made resolutions was “It fills me with optimism” (32%), followed by “I need improvement” (12%) and “Resolutions have worked for me before” (8.0%).

·         Only 14.3% of parents kept “most” of the resolutions made in 2011, with 38.1% fulfilling “some” and 33.3% “few.”

The multiple-choice, six-question survey, conducted online through in December, 2011, is based on 31 responses, all from parents.

The research builds on a survey done earlier this year, for Father’s Day, about parental attitudes toward writing personal family history:

P.S. – Which parenting resolutions have you made this year, and why?  

P.S.S. – Next week six parents (counting me) share their parental New Year’s resolutions for 2012.

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