Take The Pledge: Write letters To Your Kids: Part 4

Dear Reader,

So why else, among all the possible motives at your disposal, should you take the pledge to write letters to your kids? Here are my top seven reasons:

1. It will make you feel good.

2. It will make your kids feel good.

3. It will make the world a better place.

4. You’ll learn about yourself and your life.

5. You’ll realize just how very much you love your kids.

6. It will make the world a better place (I said that already, but it’s worth repeating)

7. The New York Times likes this blog. So does my best friend, Al. So does Dr. Alan Schlecter, a child psychiatrist at NYU. So does our favorite doorman, Carlos. And if it’s good enough for Carlos, it should be good enough for anyone.

P.S. – You can take the pledge here: http://letterstomykids.org/pages/take-the-pledge

P.S.S. – See part 5 tomorrow.


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