Eight Thanksgiving Guests: Why I’m Grateful For My Kids

Zelda Baum, my aunt

I’m grateful for my children, each for a different reason. For Link I am grateful that he is such a good father. I’m grateul to God for allowing my son Craig to continue his difficult and painful life, but at least he’s here. He is the bravest example of anyone I know. And I’m grateful for my daughter, Duffy, who is very independent and wonderful in sharing her life with people less fortunate than she. She is active in feeding the homeless. I’m proud my children are all of good character.

Beth Dreyfuss, my friend

I’m grateful for my three kids because being their mother taught me all about my capacity to love unconditionally. It showed me how generous I was able to be. It taught me it’s possible to discipline without hurt. It taught me that I could accept my kids ”warts and all” even when something they’d done appalled me. Being kind to them (with no effort at all) taught me how to be kind to myself. I’m grateful to have seen each have a happy childhood and live completely live in the moment. Thank you, my precious children, whom I love more than life itself, for helping me live a better and more fulfilling life.

Deborah Swan, my high school classmate

“I give thanks every day that my three daughters know the true meaning of family. It truly is a marriage….in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, we will always be there for one another, and for that, I am thankful.

Mindy Gikas, my former colleague

They keep my life in perspective and I’m grateful for every day I have with them.

Arline Zatz

I’m very proud of my two sons, who are honest and smart, and worked their own way through graduate school. One is a dentist, the other an organizational psychologist, but no matter what they might have chosen as careers, they’re proud they’ve done it themselves. My younger son is one of the best dads I know — for he is raising his children to be polite and to value what they have. Seeing them grow and become the men they are is, to me, a blessing.

Kara Williams

Grateful for my kids? Here’s why: This morning after a fresh snowfall, my 9-year-old son asked me to go sledding with him in our side yard. I had a kitchen to clean, laundry to do, work to catch up on. But he asked me so sweetly and genuinely, I couldn’t say no. Tromping around in the snow, whooping it up as we flew down the hill, seeing his reddened cheeks (and runny nose) filled my heart and made me so grateful to have active kids who remind me to take time out of my day – 20 minutes! — to just *be* with them.

Christine McLaughlin

Not a day goes by where I don’t feel grateful for my kids, not just at Thanksgiving time. There’s a lot more laughter in my life because of them and they’ve enriched my life in ways too numerous to list. But having grown up with two sisters and now having three boys of my own, I feel truly fortunate to be able to experience this other side of humanity in my life. I have a much better appreciation for the male “species”– including my husband (who really isn’t that far removed from my sons) than ever before. My perspective has really changed — and improved – and for that, I’m forever thankful.

Nancy Peske

I’m grateful to my son for teaching me the importance of being goofy and letting yourself laugh so hard at stupid YouTube videos you can barely breathe. I’m also grateful to him for reminding me that we should never stop playing. My love for my dolls led to my interest in psychology and I’m sure his obsession with the Godzilla oeuvre will lead to, well, something of value. In the meantime, shouldn’t life be about your pupils growing wide as you explain why Biollante is the most awesome Godzilla opponent ever? Footnote: being goofy and having obsessions are two characteristics of kids with autism and similar issues. So often parents see them as negative and problematic and forget the upsides.

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