Year Two: A Special Message to Readers

Year Two of letterstomykids (LTMK) promises to be different from Year One, dramatically so.
For starters, LTMK will no longer be about how my kids grew up. Rather, it will be about my life, especially my larger family, my mother and father and grandparents.

As such, you’ll hear a lot about happy memories – adventures at a wooded watering hole, playing drums in a band, how much my maternal grandmother adored me, my grandfather taking me to a World Series game at Yankee Stadium, my fondness for the music of Motown

and the Cupid who introduced me to my one and only,

In short, peak experiences, complete with divine bliss.

But I’ll also bring forward experiences colored in a darker shade – about parents who suffered from the same disability, about drunk driving and legal battles and stealing from my father, about an embarrassing ferry ride from Martha’s Vineyard and a humiliating performance in a high school track meet, about assorted secrets and lies, not to mention a near-divorce and a near-suicide.

No life is perfect, after all, or even necessarily close – and my own life, exceptional as it might feel, has proven no exception to that rule.

In terms of tone, then, the rhapsodic and the elegiac will share equal billing here.

Through the next year, LTMK will also reprise certain popular features, including guest columns, especially those by mothers for Mother’s Day and by fathers for Father’s Day. We may also venture other experiments, perhaps a Thanksgiving “Thank You” Week and even a “Why I Took The Pledge Week.”

So check it out. Keep those comments coming. And if any of this ever gets boring, please, I beg you, just shoot me.

P.S. – Year Two officially starts tomorrow.

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