Dad Waxes Philosophical, Bores Children To Sleep

Dear Michael and Caroline,

Now for some random lines, mostly serious, cobbled together to illustrate my personality and, to some extent, my preoccupations:

  • That summer of 2008, when I got laid off, turned out to be the summer that never was – the summer I went without seeing the Atlantic Ocean, or hitting a baseball, or going into a pool to swim or, for that matter, a single vacation day.
  • It’s good always to have a smile in your voice. My voice usually sounds to me like more of a grimace.
  • For most guys, being married is like living in an assisted living facility. I’m such a guy.
    I was designed to be domestic. I required little domesticating.
  • It took me a long time – too long, really – to discover that people skills can actually come in quite handy.
  • You know what I love? Someone accusing me of overthinking. Because you never want to be guilty of thinking too much, do you?
  • Uh, oh. There’s that look on her face again. Same look I see with almost everyone I know. Someone’s getting exasperated with me. Story of my life.
  • How can I ever be close to anyone, as close as I always claim to want to be, if all I ever do is keep my distance?
  • Joke I must. Because in funny I trust.
  • My favorite quote of all time, straight from ”Ethics Of The Fathers” in The New Testament, is this: “The ultimate criterion of character is the contribution we make to human happiness.

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