A One-Time Offer to Readers: Part 3

Dear Reader,

If you’ve read my blog since its launch in June, then you’ve gotten to know our kids, Michael and Caroline.

You’ve learned about the day Michael took his time getting born. And about the struggle Caroline faced coming into being.

You’ve found out about how Michael liked to sleep on the floor of our bedroom despite the risk of winding up trampled. And about how Caroline cried the day her pet goldfish died and she buried its body at sea.

But as Frank Sinatra sang – and Tony Bennett, too — the best is yet to come.
In the months ahead, you’ll hear more about Michael. How he turned into Mr. Cool and mastered pushups and started going out with girls.

You’ll get better acquainted with Caroline, too. How she picked up tennis and turned into a Gal About Town and blossomed as a singer.

Some time next year you’ll also get the details on what I love about both our kids. I’ll actually itemize the umpteen reasons.

And you’ll catch the modest doses of advice I’ve deigned to share with both.
That’s ultimately why I encourage you to subscribe to this blog — because the best is truly yet to come.

Meantime, please let me know what you think. I’m eager to hear from you, too.

P.S. – Tomorrow this blog resumes its regularly scheduled programming.

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